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Liquid Ring Vacuum Systems


Zeta Fluids Handling provides its customers with extremely reliable high quality liquid ring vacuum pumps with the features and performance necessary for demanding applications.


Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Details             





Pump Series

Dry Air Capacity Range


1-480 m/h


18-3, 150 m/h


400-1950 m/h


2500-30,000 m/h



Process Industry Systems


Industries Served

Gas & Vapour Pumping


Zeta Fluids Handling markets and attributes a full line of Vacuum pumps, gas compressors, pre-engineered product packages and engineered systems for the process Industry Market.


Our sales and marketing efforts have established a worldwide service. With product availability through our distribution network, can provide a unique combination of flexible response, rapid delivery and competitive pricing to our valued customers.


Industries served  


Products, Packaging & Systems


Zeta Fluids Handling, for the chemical processing and Petroleum industries

Can provide vacuum and compressed gas systems that have been engineered for specific applications. Zeta pumps can be run continuously on the toughest jobs with very little care or maintenance. They can be specially designed to operate using process fluids as their sealing fluid to ensure compatibility with CPI operations.


Gas & Vapour Handling


Safe, non-polluting gas vapour handling Zeta Pumps and gas compressor systems can handle saturated inlet gas streams, explosive gas mixtures, dirty abrasive gas mixtures and unpredictable streams that change with process variables.


Systems Handle:

- Acetone

- Hydrogen Cyanide

- Acids

- Benzene

- Hydrogen Sulphide

- Air

- Isopropyl

- Ketones

- Nitrous Oxide

- Aniline



- Butadiene

- Styrene

- Carbon Dioxide

- Sulphur Dioxide

- Chlorine

- Vinyl Chlorine

- Monomer

- Hydrocarbons

- Freon

- Hydrogen

- Alcohol

- Ammonia

& More

Typical Systems for Chemical Processing


Systems have been specifically designed for the following chemical processes:


Standard Product System Operations


How the pump works


The Zeta L. Ring Vacuum Pump or Air Compressor has only one moving part- a balance rotor. Such simplicity is possible because all functions of mechanical pistons or vanes are actually performed by a rotating ring of liquid compressant.


The rotor transmits power to keep the ring of liquid rotating. However, the liquid tends to follow a path that conforms to the inside of the body. The body is cylindrical, but its axis is offset from the main rotor axis. Liquid compressants almost fills then partly empties each rotor chamber once each revolution.


The filling and emptying sets up a piston action. Inlet and discharge flow paths are separated by closed sections between the inlet and discharge ports.


Part of the liquid compressant passes out with the discharge gas and is removed in a mechanical separator. Make up is regulated automatically by orifices or by manual adjustment.